McCloud is a gem of Northern California. This small town tucked away in the shadow of Mount Shasta is a blast from the past – with a picturesque downtown area of small businesses centered around the gorgeous McCloud Mercantile.

Carli and Paul’s wedding was a beautiful hybrid between two locations – Friday’s RV Resort for their gorgeous ceremony with a perfect view of Mount Shasta, and McCloud Mercantile for their lively and fun reception that was so full of love.

One of our favorite parts of the reception was the DJ – the one and only Rudi Bega – who spun VINYL. Not a playlist, not a CD or tapes, but good old fashioned Vinyl. Don’t get us wrong – we have a lot of DJ’s we LOVE who don’t spin vinyl – but we (especially Crist) love the experience of listening to, playing, and dancing with vinyl. Rudi did an incredible job of mixing the tracks and brought a fun loving, laid back, and engaging vibe to the entertainment of the night. You can reach out to him here.

Both Friday’s RV Resort and the Mercantile provided excellent space for the events of the day. One of our favorite parts of the McCloud Mercantile is that since the building is also a hotel, guests and wedding party were able to stay right on site – so after all the reception fun, everyone was just steps away from their room for the evening.

All in all, it was a fantastic day, filled with beautiful people, tons of love, and so many great memories!

Sara and Jacob worked with us for their wedding a few years ago, and we’ve stayed close with them ever since – so when Sara was graduating from conservatory and asked if we would be down to do a studio session with her for her portfolio, our answer was a big resounding YES!

We had so much fun experimenting with light, drama, and making magic for Sara in this shoot – and we learned that we LOVE studio shoots – reach out today to start planning your studio session!

Our time with Crystal and Chris has been some of our favorite times to date in our wedding work. We connected with them first online, then for their engagement adventure session in San Diego, and finally in Sacramento for their Serrano Country Club Wedding. They were so gracious, fun to work with, and on the day of their wedding were total champs rolling with the punches while still having a great time.

The Serrano Country Club is such a great venue for a wedding – from spacious rooms for the wedding party to prepare, all the way to the layout and flexibility for the reception space.

The outdoor ceremony took place in the grass adjacent to the golf course – and the small grove of trees provided a beautiful wooded backdrop – along with a great area for some post ceremony shots and family photos. They have a gorgeous reception area – with fully adjustable shade panels on the interior windows so that even if your reception is in the afternoon – you can still have a full fledged dance party without the bright outdoor vibes.

Not to mention, Crystal and Chris along with their family and friends knew how to party! As you look through the photos from the day (and especially the reception!) you can get a great feel that it was surely a day to remember!

Gover Ranch is one of our absolute favorite wedding venues in the Redding, California area! Why? Because it seriously has SO MANY options for where you can host each part of your wedding. From the stunning bridal suite with tons of room, to all the different areas for your ceremony, reception, and couples portraits – this venue is among the most versatile for Northern California weddings.

Jasmine + Don’s wedding was no exception – their early fall wedding at Gover Ranch was on a stunning October day – which unexpectedly got VERY windy! They had hoped to have their reception outdoors in the garden area, but when the wind kept blowing decorations over – the owners came up with the perfect solution – host the reception in their equally stunning barn area.

The team got to work, and before we knew it, the stunning wedding reception was set up in the barn, and you wouldn’t have known it wasn’t planned that way all along.


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