From start to finish, what does it look like to work with We The Blackwells?

The Experience

What comes next?

Our commitment to show up for you

Welcome to the best photo experience of your life

1. You reach out - and we get back to you - fast. 

2. We schedule a call or video chat and see how we vibe. This gives you a great opportunity to make sure you're down to spend your wedding day with us!

3. After getting to know each other, we build a custom package that covers all the bases of what matters to YOU. 

4. Our deposit is an easy peasy 50% down towards whatever package you chose.

5. You’re BOOKED! Let the countdown begin!

The Inquiry process

6. We stick around. You have our number, email, and we stay connected throughout the process of your wedding planning.

7. If you chose a package with an engagement shoot, we schedule a time and location for that! Need outfit or location inspo? We got you!

We've been in this industry for a while now, and we've heard stories about  lot of photographers who are super responsive in the beginning, will happily take your deposit, and then you don't hear from them until the night before your wedding. That's not how we do things around here.

8. We have a call before your wedding specifically dedicated to walking through the timeline for your day - and we schedule an in person or virtual walkthrough for your peace of mind (if needed)

9. We send over a shot list with almost every possible photo you could want on your wedding day, and we prioritize what matters to YOU 

10. The day of your wedding, we show up READY TO GO - and you have the time of your life

Once you're booked

11. Within 48 hours you're swooning over your preview album.

After the lights fade

12. Within 6 weeks you've received your final album and are reliving all your favorite moments like it was yesterday.

13. You enjoy your photos and memories for years to come! 

Work With Us

We can't wait to start the conversation with you about your big day. Reach out with the form below and we'll be in touch to create your customized package.


We'll get back to you as soon as possible!



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