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Harborside Chapel & Rusty Pelican Wedding | Sarah + Zach

A Dreamy Tampa Wedding: Harborside Chapel and Rusty Pelican Extravaganza

If you’re dreaming of a perfect Tampa wedding, look no further than Harborside Chapel in Safety Harbor and the Rusty Pelican in Tampa. This amazing combo offers a mix of classic beauty and lively celebration, ideal for couples looking for a high-end wedding experience.

The Charm of Harborside Chapel

Located in Safety Harbor, Harborside Chapel is a timeless chapel that feels like it’s straight out of a storybook. With its white walls and beautiful design, it’s the perfect spot for a romantic wedding. The big windows let in lots of natural light, making everything look magical as you walk down the aisle.

Surrounded by lush gardens and close to the harbor, Harborside Chapel offers a peaceful and stunning setting for your ceremony. The outdoor space is perfect for your romantic couples photos or bridal party shots, with the water adding to the dreamy feel. This intimate spot makes your day feel personal with a touch of nature while still getting the chapel feel for the ceremony.

A Grand Exit in Vintage Style

One of the dreamiest parts of a Tampa wedding at Harborside Chapel is the grand exit. Imagine stepping out after your ceremony to find a vintage Rolls Royce (booked separately) waiting for you. This classic car, shiny and elegant, makes for the perfect magazine cover photos you’ve always dreamed of. The exit photo with the Rolls Royce becomes a memorable snapshot of your special day, adding a touch of timeless romance.

The Roaring Reception at Rusty Pelican

After a beautiful ceremony, it’s time to party at the Rusty Pelican in Tampa. Known for its stunning views of Tampa Bay and lively atmosphere, the Rusty Pelican is perfect for a fun and stylish reception.

As the sun sets over the bay, the venue becomes a vibrant party spot. With huge windows offering panoramic views, you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of Tampa all evening. Start with cocktails on the outdoor space, then move inside to dance and celebrate.

The Rusty Pelican is decorated beautifully, with sparkling lights and lovely flowers creating a magical setting. The DJ keeps everyone dancing, and the laughter and joy fill the room, making it a night to remember.

Capturing the Magic: Your Tampa Wedding Photographer

No wedding is complete without amazing photos. A skilled and experienced Tampa wedding photographer is a must to capture all the special moments of your day. With the natural beauty of Harborside Chapel and the lively energy of the Rusty Pelican, your photographer will have plenty of great scenes to work with. From the intimate ceremony to the grand exit in the vintage Rolls Royce and the fun reception, every detail will be beautifully preserved.


A wedding at Harborside Chapel and the Rusty Pelican in Tampa combines elegance and excitement perfectly. The peaceful beauty of the chapel and the lively party vibe of the reception create a day that’s unforgettable. For couples looking for a high-end wedding filled with love, joy, and stunning memories, this is the ultimate choice. Start planning your dream Tampa wedding today and get ready for a day you’ll cherish forever!

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Why we (really) shoot weddings

Relationships are not always a walk in the park on a sunny day.

Sometimes it feels like you’re walking in the wind, in a thunderstorm without an umbrella, you know? But when you’re TOGETHER in that storm with the perfect someone, it's always worth it. 

We know from experience in how life changing a positive intimate relationship can be (seriously, if you’d have met both of us prior to our marriage you wouldn’t believe it was us). We get to cheer each other on, call each other out, and choose to love each other in every moment. It’s the best. It’s simple, but it’s sacred. 

And THAT is why we do what we do.

It’s our mission to support every couple: help you relax and stay present, from your first call with us to the moment you’re cuddled up scrolling through your wedding gallery and wiping away fresh tears. 

It’s our honor to capture every wedding, because we recognize the sacredness of your love and relationship. 

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