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Cardigan, that's Crist.  Sassy redhead - that's Han.  They're the dream team behind We The Blackwells. Along with being married for going on 5 years and completely obsessed with each other, they're obsessed with love - which is why they're so passionate about capturing weddings and couples. 

When you work with Crist and Hannah, or any member of the We he Blackwells' team, there's no such thing as failure. 

. By being yourself, you've already won - we just get to come along for the ride. We have the tools, skills, and tricks to get you incredible photos - and the real magic is when you can look back and remember each moment: that look in each others eyes, that instant when you got completely lost in love, or when you laughed so hard you couldn't breathe. That's the space where we get to create together!

Meet Us

Crist + Hannah = We The Blackwells 

In love and obsessed with love

Han + Crist + Baloo and Shelby

we keep it all Stress free and easy

We agree on

Han's Favorite things

Crist's Favorite things

Behind the lens

...getting to know your photo team

• Small batch coffee
• Savage memes that are cringe worthy but 100% true
• Laughing 'till I cry (I've considered standup)
• Old school Sci-Fi Shows like Stargate and Star Trek

• Flying on airplanes
• All inclusive resorts
• Cuddles with our doggos
• Homemade popcorn
• Spontaneous road trips
•Cool nights around the fire pit

• Tacos
•Rainy mornings
• Sunset picnics
• Any sounds of moving water
• Afternoons in our hammock with a good book
• Sippin' on 1800 Tequila or boozy sparkling water

As a potential client exploring our site you might be thinking "Am I welcome?" We wanted to ease your mind as you continue on the search for the perfect photographer. We believe that the things that make each of us different are part of what makes us each uniquely beautiful and universally lovable. That being said we want to be fully transparent and send statement out loud and clear: Around here, everyone is welcome.

You are welcome here as you are. By simply existing, you are already worthy receiving amazing service, and that's exactly what you'll receive around here. Blackwell Photography is an inclusive business and we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Regardless of race, religion, body type, gender, sexuality, or social status - you are welcome and wanted!  

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