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Gover Ranch Wedding in Northern California | Redding Wedding Photography

Gover Ranch is one of our absolute favorite wedding venues in the Redding, California area! Why? Because it seriously has SO MANY options for where you can host each part of your wedding. From the stunning bridal suite with tons of room, to all the different areas for your ceremony, reception, and couples portraits – this venue is among the most versatile for Northern California weddings.

Jasmine + Don’s wedding was no exception – their early fall wedding at Gover Ranch was on a stunning October day – which unexpectedly got VERY windy! They had hoped to have their reception outdoors in the garden area, but when the wind kept blowing decorations over – the owners came up with the perfect solution – host the reception in their equally stunning barn area.

The team got to work, and before we knew it, the stunning wedding reception was set up in the barn, and you wouldn’t have known it wasn’t planned that way all along.

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Why we (really) shoot weddings

Relationships are not always a walk in the park on a sunny day.

Sometimes it feels like you’re walking in the wind, in a thunderstorm without an umbrella, you know? But when you’re TOGETHER in that storm with the perfect someone, it's always worth it. 

We know from experience in how life changing a positive intimate relationship can be (seriously, if you’d have met both of us prior to our marriage you wouldn’t believe it was us). We get to cheer each other on, call each other out, and choose to love each other in every moment. It’s the best. It’s simple, but it’s sacred. 

And THAT is why we do what we do.

It’s our mission to support every couple: help you relax and stay present, from your first call with us to the moment you’re cuddled up scrolling through your wedding gallery and wiping away fresh tears. 

It’s our honor to capture every wedding, because we recognize the sacredness of your love and relationship. 

Totally chill if that’s not your thing (it’s a pretty sappy WHY but it’s real), so no hard feelings if you want to just head back to google now. But if this hit you in the feels, we’ve got you 👀