Hannah and Jonathan had originally planned to be married in Jonathan’s home in Switzerland – but when COVID changed the plans for their wedding day, they didn’t miss a beat, and planned the most beautiful micro wedding on a friend’s property. It couldn’t have been more perfect! They both looked amazing, and their guests were all friends who have been close to them on their journey of dating and through their engagement.

While this year has been very different mostly photographing smaller weddings and events, it has been so beautiful because we’ve been able to see the level of intimacy and close connection available at these smaller events. Although changing the plans for your wedding may feel like a loss, and does require letting go of previous expectations of what the day might look like, Hannah and Jonathan’s wedding is an AMAZING example of all the beauty you can create at a small event.

This in-home session with the Lancasters in Redding was such a treat! We’ve known Courtney from school and had been planning a shoot for a little while before our schedules finally lined up perfectly – and it couldn’t have been better! As you can see, they were SO MUCH FUN and their boys were pros in front of the camera (look at that showing out) – sessions like this are one of the reasons we love in home milestone sessions so much – it gets to be as easy as a fun morning in the living room and you get memories for a lifetime.

2020 has been quite a year! With COVID changing the landscape of the kind of parties we can have and the amount of people that can safely gather in a space for an event – many large 150 person weddings have rescheduled or pivoted to smaller, more intimate ceremonies and elopements. Wen and Thai’s wedding at the McCloud Guest house was SUCH a great example of a gorgeous, small, and intimate wedding that checked all the boxes for celebration while still keeping a safe number of guests to do their part in slowing the spread of the virus. And as you can see from the photos, the day was a huge success!

Sara and Jacob worked with us for their wedding a few years ago, and we’ve stayed close with them ever since – so when Sara was graduating from conservatory and asked if we would be down to do a studio session with her for her portfolio, our answer was a big resounding YES!

We had so much fun experimenting with light, drama, and making magic for Sara in this shoot – and we learned that we LOVE studio shoots – reach out today to start planning your studio session!

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